"I am ready to ReClaim my Vibrant Life!"

Who you are:

You are a super busy woman, fully submerged in your career or juggling both career and family, and is yearning for a vibrant, blissful life. You are smart and driven, expecting nothing less than the best in all areas of your life; family, home career, health, relationships…. You want your family and/or career to thrive but you also want to feel vibrant, energized and sexy, and to feel your most beautiful and healthy self.

What your issues tend to be:

You are passionate about your career, working over 40 hours a week but struggling to take time for self-care, eating healthier, and exercising. You want a vibrant, blissful life and are tired of feeling stressed and exhausted. You know that when you feel great, you excel at work and your home environment thrives. You feel pulled in many directions and find it difficult to say no to others, putting yourself last. Your schedule is packed and your “to do” list keeps growing but you can’t seem to find time to put yourself at the top of the list. You may have trouble sleeping at night, or maintaining a healthy weight where you feel FAB in your body.  By not getting enough sleep or managing your stress levels and eating healthy, your hormones may be off balance possibly causing fatigue, low libido, headaches, acne, anxiety, depression, or mood swings. You’ve tried to eat healthier and implement an exercise regime but it doesn’t last long. You’ve tried supplements or medications to help you sleep and rely on coffee or soda to keep your energy up.  You’re frustration and disappointment with yourself has had a negative influence on your relationships with family, friends or co-workers. You are beginning to resent your “obligations” and at times want to run away and hide. You long for the days when you jumped out of bed ready to take on the world, with passion and vibrancy. You know you have to make changes but are not sure where to start.

What you need most right now:

Your primary focus needs to be on creating a sustainable life balance where you will feel energized, sexy and vibrant, feeling great in your body.  It’s about MAKING TIME for YOU.  You need guidance and support with creating a plan that allows for a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you and implement lasting changes that will improve your energy, balance and health, allowing your career and personal life to thrive.

If this is who you are and you are serious about reclaiming your vibrant life, email me at brenda@bempoweredbwell.com to schedule time to chat.

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