"My main goal when starting the cleanse was to recalibrate my habits and lose weight. The cleanse helped me to reach my goals by helping me focus and regulate what I was eating and to decrease my alcohol intake. I also use it as an excuse to slow down for a stretch.  This can be very hard with social pressures and husbands that like to eat out, but it is important to say, "I am doing this for me, please support me".  

The biggest tangible change I noticed since beginning the program has been feeling better, and weight loss. The cleanse helped me jump start better habits such as drinking less, going to bed earlier, exercising more and eating healthier. I also have a lot more energy. I realized that carbs have an immediate drowsy effect on me.  I was at a friends house last weekend and had a bagel.  I could barely keep my eyes open afterwards, and I had only been awake a few hours.  I have really been paying attention to this and how breads/pastas seem to make me incredibly lethargic.  Rice does not have the same effect on me, thank God, because I love rice:)

Brenda's support is wonderful.  Her guidance and encouragement are invaluable and make the cleanse feel like a time of pampering rather than sacrifice."  

~ Amy B, Brooklyn, NY

"I am so thankful for Brenda's thoughtful guidance that helped me out of a period in my life where I felt "stuck" in my behaviors, in my decisions, and in my choices. I was over 180 pounds when we first began meeting and her encouragement in establishing healthier habits, not only helped me to lose 20 lbs, but also redevelop my personal sense of well being. Her individualized approach to my needs and preferences truly helped redirect me to an achievable path of wellness. I learned how my food choices, my hormonal imbalances, my moods, physical illnesses, and even relationship difficulties were all correlated. Brenda provided a continuous supply of advice and current educational resources which helped me to easily implement lifestyle changes I had previously expected to be inconvenient. A new and redefined confidence in life and in myself grew as my physical health and mindset improved. With new confidence came the courage to follow through with goals, big and small. There is absolute joy and euphoria when goals are successfully achieved and surpassed! I am so thankful to Brenda for her kindness, her patience and most of all her persistence in helping me out of that feeling of being "stuck" in life."

~ Lisa Merritt, RN, Le Raysville, PA

"With Brenda’s guidance and support, I have lost weight and trimmed down unwanted fat, learned how to use, eat and cook new foods in a satisfying way, rediscovered the process of eating, Noelle_Grossrevpreparing food and giving thanks which has resulted in a much more positive outlook on how I take care of myself, and made life-changing breakthroughs in other parts of my life outside of food. The nutrition was a catalyst for change in other parts of my life that I was unhappy with.

Brenda’s program and guidance helped me think about my life and all of its many components in a much broader way. I have become more cognizant of other weaknesses or areas where I require discipline and have used the same approach of substitutes with food, throughout my spiritual and social life. This approach has helped me grow more in a positive way in those areas. I have found a new way to connect with people, through nutrition and this has resulted in new networks, new relationships, new common ground, continued learning and a positive effect on my life. I feel like my life was pretty mundane and constant but taking on a new approach like this has rejuvenated me and helped me to start down a new path that I never knew existed.

I liked how personalized the approach was. Brenda was very invested in me and I felt she had a tremendous amount of interest in seeing me succeed. I also really liked how Brenda made a point to celebrate all the victories especially the ones I would consider too small to celebrate. She was extremely motivating and a true enthusiast throughout the whole journey. Brenda was with me every step of the way and really supported and guided me to a place where I feel totally comfortable and satisfied with my nutrition. Even when I knew I had failed and had dark moments, Brenda did not judge me. She helped find ways to lift me up to try again and shake off the stumbling blocks.

Brenda takes her job very seriously (but makes it fun!) and is extremely sensitive and caring about her clients. It is so important to have someone that brings this to the table in this kind of journey and Brenda achieved this beyond measure! I would absolutely recommend her to everyone and anyone but especially those who are struggling to be healthy."

~ Noelle G Entrepreneur, Stamford, CT

"It was when I was in 5th grade that I developed a stomach ulcer. Little did I realize that the ulcer would be the beginning of a long battle of GI issues. I was hospitalized for 3 days and all the doctors told Mom was to keep the spicy foods away from me. For as long as I can remember, I suffered from some sort of GI distress. There would be periods of time where I would feel Cindynormal but then something would happen (I always blamed it on a stomach bug) and I would be sick for days. Of course, this would cause me unbelievable stress that began the vicious cycle all over again. Each time I actually did get a virus, my stomach took a huge hit and with each time, it took that much longer to recover.
CindyOver the past 3 years things got progressively worse and I have suffered tremendously, not wanting to leave the house. I felt trapped and my way of living had caused deep depression. There was a period of time where I felt like food was my enemy and I had become afraid to eat. I tried herbal cleansing and diets with the hope that whatever I had would go away. I went to the doctor and she told me “I think it’s something you are eating". I told her that it was EVERYTHING I was eating! She finally did blood work and we discovered that I had the H-Pylori bacterial infection. This infection causes stomach ulcers and stomach cancers. It is usually picked up in childhood. The bacteria wasn’t discovered until 1982 by Australian scientists Barry Marshall and Robin Warren who found that it was present in patients who had suffered with chronic gastritis and gastric ulcers! AHA! Here was my answer! I am convinced that I developed the bacterial infection as a child! The bacteria causes acid in the stomach and also feeds off the acid. The more the acid, the more the bacteria. I didn’t realize I was suffering from gastritis. It didn’t matter what I ate. Within 20 minutes after eating, I felt sick. After a round of heavy antibiotics, I was cured! Well, I was cured of the infection but things never really got much better. I went back to the doctor and I was retested for the infection which was gone but she put me on yet another antibiotic! She thought that I could possibly have a different type of bacteria in my lower intestine that they are finding in patients with IBS. This antibiotic cost me $100 AFTER insurance and the number one side effect was diarrhea! That was the absolute last thing I needed but the doctor assured me I would be fine and that I would not develop that side effect. I was desperate for help. I wanted so much to feel better. I tried the antibiotic and an hour after the first dose, I was sick. This lasted for 3 days and I finally quit taking the meds! I was angry but still very desperate. Was it the coffee? Was it the occasional glass of wine? Was it the dairy? Perhaps I am lactose intolerant? I discovered that I am lactose intolerant so I cut that out but was still sick.
I gave up on the doctor and decided to take matters into my own hands. I turned to a very dear friend on Facebook who had recently quit her corporate job to become a Holistic, Health and Wellness Coach. She was soon to be starting a “Cleanse”. The cleanse involved whole foods, fruits and vegetables. No gluten, dairy, grains or nuts. No pills to take accept for a probiotic. Remember, I was desperate for help. I reached out to my friend Brenda and we discussed the plan. I soon would be shopping for foods I had never heard of or eaten before; chia seeds, hemp seeds, collard greens, kale, apple cider vinegar, parsnips, beets, just to name a few. I would be making homemade soups and smoothies and be spending a tremendous amount of time in the kitchen. Again, I was desperate and would do anything to feel better.

The cleanse was for 11 days and on day 2, I was amazed at how good I felt. I wouldn’t have believed it had I not personally experienced it. I felt 100% better. I can leave the house without feeling sick. I feel healthy because my body is retaining the nutrients. I am getting the vitamins my body so longed for through the foods I am eating. I eat very little meat if any at all. I am gluten and dairy free. My body has rid itself of all the processed foods I had been consuming. I no longer fight fatigue or depression AND in the process of eliminating all of the junk from my body, I have lost 10 pounds! I no longer crave the cereals, cookies, donuts, etc. I am learning about how bad the processed food we put into our bodies actually is. I look forward to the next healthy meal or snack because I know my body needs it. I have learned to serve myself a meal on a smaller plate…..I have fallen in love with food. The doctor was right! It WAS the food I WAS eating! It WAS EVERYTHING I WAS eating!

I encourage all of you who are reading this to re-evaluate what you are eating. How do you feel? Do you suffer from symptoms of IBS? Do you fight fatigue? Do you feel bloated all the time? Do you need to lose a few pounds?

Brenda offered me the tools I needed to free myself from the tremendous suffering. She opened a door I never knew existed. I encourage you to do the same if you need to! Knowledge is Power!"

~ Cindy Hions Fischer, Wife, Mother and Executive, Atlanta, GA

aida pic

I have always hesitated doing a detox\cleanse because of lack of knowledge. I thought liquid diet and fasting no way! Plus I couldn’t stay on any regimented plan regardless of the so called benefits. This is the one! The plan is simple, the recipes different but not outrageous. Brenda is there to guide you as needed. I have learned so much from Brenda’s plan and about myself.
The uncomfortable fullness and cravings are gone. The smoothies and recipes are delicious. I have energy. My IBS symptoms have subsided. No bloated belly. I lost 3 lbs in the first 5 days! I strongly recommend Brenda’s 11 day winter cleanse!”

~ Aida Williams, Foodie & Chef, Elmira, NY

"I have learned how to make my life richer, focused and productive. I now empower myself into taking my objectives into my own hands. I have managed to change my dietary habits and to be more in control of myself. I have also learned how not to be so hard on myself and enjoy more the present. Brenda’s active participation in the process helped me get the confidence I needed to continue my goals and implementing what I felt to be important for my lifestyle.

Brenda is a caretaker and a disciplined professional, who takes wellness very seriously and passionately. She is a non-judgmental coach, soft-spoken and yet very driven towards results. For anyone who wants be best in wellness and wants to stay the track, I would strongly recommend Brenda. In today’s busy and hectic lives that we all live, Brenda helps you draw a road map for your well being and help you stay focused and on track."

~ Kleber J Costa, Wall Street Executive, NYC & SP, Brasil

"The first time I did Brenda’s cleanse, my main goal was to lose weight and get into healthy eating. This time it was to reacquaint myself with the process. The biggest tangible change I saw was a much flatter belly (others noticed this too!). I also am more in tune with my body than ever before, I know which foods are sources of issues with me. Brenda's support was great! She is a very positive force, and made me want to succeed! I would recommend this program to anyone looking to eat for optimal health! Also those without the best willpower- this forum helps keep you on track when you don't always want to. The knowledge itself is worth joining!"

~ Stephanie Bement, Upstate NY

"My main goal was to get rid of toxins and feel lighter. Doing the cleanse helped me reach my goal! I lost 5 pounds and felt energetic and less bloated. I now better understand my food choices and have better eating habits. Brenda’s support was exceptional. She was always there when I needed help and advice. I would highly recommend her programs to anyone who is looking to adapt a sustainable healthy lifestyle." ~ Saima H, New Zealand

"Thanks again for all the info and support during our cleanse. I'm down eight pounds from the beginning and I feel really good about the whole process." - Joe, North Carolina

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