Do you gain 5 pounds just thinking about that holiday pumpkin pie?

Does the stress of family gatherings and frantic gift shopping make you want to face plant
in a bowl of mashed potatoes & not come out until New Year’s?

We all know that the holidays can be taxing on our health.
The endless parties and parade of tempting treats can leave us
feeling tired, bloated, and ready to break out the elastic waistband...


What if you had a simple plan to take away the worry? What if you could navigate the season without gaining weight, feeling sluggish, or totally stressing out?

The Healthy Holiday Survival Guide comes with everything you need to make your health a priority this holiday season, regardless of how many pies cross your path.

When you sign up for this FREE Guide, you get:

arrow My Holiday Survival e-guide loaded with tips for keeping your sanity (& current dress size) during the holidays.

arrow Strategies that teach you when & how to say no, thank you to food

arrow AND how to say yes, please & actually enjoy your indulgence, guilt-free


PLUS you get My 4-Day Post-Holiday Reset Plan, which includes:

arrow 12 delicious, easy to prepare recipes to get your body feeling great after a night (or few) of celebrating

arrow A detailed shopping list to save you tons of time at the store

arrow A 4-day suggested meal guide for breakfast, lunch, & dinner to guide you through the reset with ease

 My Daily Holiday Survival Checklist to print out and post on the fridge or in the office so you can stay on track with healthy habits

 And a Food & Self-Love Journal to help keep you centered and joyful during your celebrations!

arrow A Facebook group with moi, dedicated to your success! I'll be sharing more recipes and tips!

This is a NO WORRYING, NO WONDERING, plan for navigating the holidays without deprivation or over-indulgence.  

You can have a healthy, happy, energetic holiday season even if you:

arrow Work crazy hours at a corporate 9-5

 Are trying to wrangle a family of 5 AND get ready for a huge family feast

 Feel like you can never say no to holiday treats

 Or are worried that your favorite cocktail dress won’t fit 3 weeks from now...



The FREE Holiday Survival Guide + 4 Day RESET will show you how!


I’m ready to get started! 



brenda_copy Brenda Moufarrege Bomysoad is the founder of, a Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach, Certified Reiki Energy Healer, and creator of the successful program, The Feminine Key ™.

Brenda helps women create balance in their lives through digestive wellness and soul nourishing.  As a result, they unlock their unique key to feminine radiance feeling energized, vibrant and sexy.  Brenda believes that the food you eat can nourish your Mind, Body, and Soul OR it can rob you of your life, draining your energy and vitality.  

Before devoting her services to helping women recapture their feminine radiance from the inside out, Brenda served as a Director at one of Britain’s leading luxury fashion houses, where she and her team styled women to look radiant and sexy from the outside.  What Brenda realized is that many of her clients, no matter how beautifully dressed on the outside, did not feel beautiful on the inside.  The Feminine Key ™, a step by step program, focuses on Life Styles Keys ™ where clients discover their unique keys and unlock the door to a vibrant life, from the inside and out.

Brenda’s services include but are not limited to private and group health coaching, empowered vibrant living workshops, her popular signature seasonal cleanse programs and customized Corporate Well-Being programs.

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